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Hallmark Holidays July 05 2017, 0 Comments

I might be going a little overboard, but I have really battled with promoting holidays this year. How could we not have fun with Halloween and Christmas? but Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and all the others that my email box gets full of promotional ads.. I just feel like my emotions are being played on so someone can make a sale. I love Mothers, Fathers, Our Veterans ~ I adore each and every person and their importance! I also have friends and customers who have a horrible emotional time on these holidays and I feel like sending an email to a Native American wishing them Happy 4th of July or A Mother happy Father's Day when she is raising 6 kids by herself is just kind of one more reminder of sadness...  So, Please forgive me as I don't email, post and send well wishes because we are supposed to.  I mean no disrespect. I just don't appreciate the obligation and guilt attached to these holidays... and I may change. This year.. I've really had a hard time building my business around Hallmark. lol

So ~ if I'm going to induce guilt, I'll do it this way...

TAKE A BATH! Wash the day down the drain, start anew, smell good, feel good and let's make this world a better place. lol

Much appreciation ~ BEACH is your discount code for 10% Off your order and a free travel lotion! Go to the water, it is our place of renewal. 

It just rained a little in New Mexico. One thing I know for sure Water Is Life ~ Mni Wiconi!!

Thank you for loving our soaps, lotion, candles and bath bombs ~

We sure do love you!


Campers Soap, Lotion and Candles June 05 2017, 2 Comments

Hi, It's me again...

Our Camper Soap products.... 

It's not cintronella, it's a blend of essential oils, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, basil and cedar. The bugs absolutely hate it. 

So, our special of the week, is make a purchase on our website and I'll send you a travel lotion to try. It's been tested all over the world and I've always been met with kind words. It's your go to product of the season.

Go camping, sing ranchera.... Use the Camper soap and be free

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Here's The Link

I blog when I'm inspired... June 05 2017, 0 Comments

I came across this beautiful photo of Frida Kahlo and a friend, that was absolutely adorable. I had to know who her friend was. Chavela Vargas.

I had some friends over once who had deep New Mexican roots and they sang these deep, emotional heart felt songs, in Spanish. They were on one knee, sometimes crying singing to this cd .. a million songs of a million heartbreaks, or something like that. Okay, they had partaken in the cerveza and tequila. I was so entertained. and they explained I would think they were truly loco if I knew what they were singing... but the sound. oh the sound was so painful and deep and emotional... they explained they were pre Mexican revolution songs, songs of heart break and love... and revolution. Ranchera music.

Chavela Vargas was a ranchera singer. A rough childhood. This music was machismo and for the men to sing... but Chavela mastered it and developed her own style. In these days of Revolution... it just seems to resonate with me as a Woman whose emotion is deep and heartfelt and intense. So, I share with you, Chavela Vargas. I hope it also touches your soul.


On a lighter note... lol I'll make that another blog about camping.

Capture the spirit of revolution and feel your heart first

Peace ~ Michelle

Mama April 27 2017, 1 Comment

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We appreciate you!


Social Conscience & New Products February 10 2017, 0 Comments

I made a beautiful newsletter if I do say so myself. lol


Follow this link to read it, I love you big!

Happy February!

Let's face it... January 28 2017, 0 Comments

I absolutely cannot STAND Valentine's Day...  I try so hard every year to appear like I care, but I don't. lol So this time of year is when I generally create new products! 

Your discount code is TAKEABATH! and please take a bath ~ I need the therapy, I need you to take lots of baths and showers and buy soaps, candles, lotions, bath bombs & bath salts so I stay away from Facebook and the News and well, I just need to keep busy. But if you want to pick up a sign and march for Standing Rock or want to donate and do not know to whom, give me a call, I'd be happy to direct you in the right direction.

So... <Insert Native drum roll>

Our New soaps are as follows ~

Cognac Rose ~ A sultry and seductive Rose that just feels full of love and bubbles

Imprint  ~ Tobacco oil for prayer ~ Amber oil for protection. This luxurious unisex soap is loved by both Women and Men.  It is dedicated to the Imprint we made together this year in our solidarity with Standing Rock. The scent it sure to stir your thoughts of the Imprint you would like to make that lasts for many generations to come!

Velvet Underground Tribute Bar ~ I am in love with this beautiful bar of soap as much as I am in love with Lou Reed, Andy Warhol's famous art, and the revolution of the 60s. I called it Psychedelic Strawberry. It is actually the most beautiful blend of Strawberry, Musk and Sugar. You will not be disappointed!

We have also changed our packaging on the Mamby Bath Salts and Mabel's Peyote Milk Bath Cure. As shipping prices go through the roof, I figure we would all rather the lightest weight container possible! I absolutely love these bath salts to relax in the bath or to invigorate the skin in the shower~ I am sure you will love the shaker containers and at a price of $12 each ~ it is sure to please!

Thank you for supporting our causes and families and giving me a place to spend my creative energy!

We had the best year in the history of our company in 2016 ~ I'm not sure how we did that, but we sure do appreciate you making that happen! 

I am going to go back to work making 120 lotions for the Cherokee Nation gift shop, I sure love those folks! I remember a man selling my soap in Indiana having a banner over his table that said, "These Soaps are made by Michelle Lewis, Her Grandmother made soaps for the entire Cherokee Nation!" I told him he had to take it down. lol She made soap for her family! He said, "It sells soap!", "Take it down." He must have been a fortune teller... because here we are, making soap for the entire Cherokee Nation (gift shop & Hard Rock casino) hee hee...

I should have went to work before I told that last story, but now you are stuck with it!

Blessings to you and your family ~ may your spirits be lifted and your ancestors be plenty as we navigate these waters in America. Love, Michelle, K2, Josh & Maya

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

The Holidaze is here! November 14 2016, 0 Comments

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BLACKFRIDAY2016 in your discount code the day after Thanksgiving through Monday

I have had a hard time blogging through these elections! A wise one explained I should never discuss politics as it would hurt my business. lol  I'm not wise. I'm a Woman, a Mother, I am Native American, I have best of friends and family from every race there is. My boys are half Black... and I love the gays! I love love love and I have a dream of a President who loves the world as much as I do. Some of my friends call me a flaming Liberal. ha! and most of the friends who call me that are the most conservative Republicans I know, and they giggle while they say that and hug me... I have a really good life! and boy do I love to vote but this year was the wildest ride I've ever seen.

I just keep praying and supporting Standing Rock. Please call Barrack Obama and ask him to stop the pipeline from going through sacred land to the Standing Rock Sioux. Also tell him you would appreciate clean water going through your land as it is sacred too! We are donating weekly to Standing Rock ~ Thank you for supporting our cause!

Our Feliz Navidad is flying off the shelf, we have made over 200 products in the past 2 weeks. It is a rich Vanilla Bean with a twist of Navidad. The scent makes me feel good, and it must be the feel good scent for many.  

I'm not gonna lie, I get excited to take a shower this time of year just because of Cookies For Santa... that stuff turns me into a big ol happy kid again!


Our Iced Pine candles are so delicious! I am burning one now, I don't think I'm going to need a Christmas Tree... it smells so real, we may just put our gifts around a candle! lol No but really, it's good!

I have great hope for all people ~ I pray for a holiday season that inspires us to love and forgive one another and to have the realization that it's not anything that makes this world go round but living a life of integrity, love, prayer and supporting one another. and WATER IS LIFE! It is the season for miracles ~ I believe we can still get them ~ So, make bridges and extend your hand to all people. Let's make America great for the first time, it's up to us, the majority. and please, if you see a bully, speak up, find your voice, stop them in their tracks, let's PROTECT and SUPPORT one another. Surely, we have evolved enough to at the very least do that. Right? 

Our slogan is TAKE A BATH ~ we believe that is the most healing ceremony one can do for themselves and the world. The Cherokee go to water to cleanse their body & souls. To wash away the day and negativity to go about the day in a new body and mind. Take a shower, dance in the rain, wash all those horrible feelings down the drain... and LIVE!

We truly appreciate you ~ I feel so connected to so many of you and think of you as good friends. I am so thrilled with the exchanges we get to have between one another and yes, many of you have become my very good friend whom I have the privilege of knowing and being your personal soap maker. 

One more thing! K2 and Josh took this year to work on their creativity. So, in exchange, K2 has to make a whole lot of soap and Josh has to cut a whole lot of soap, but we are all very happy. You are noticing our old style soap that takes a football player to make is popping up more and more! That's because stirring a 5 gallon bucket full of soap is like making cake for K2... lol. We love his soap and are thrilled to have him dancing around the soap pot again a few days a week. (So is my arthritis.. lol) Maya and Kalia stroll through the shop to help daily, still. and our very good friend/intern Maddy is hands on deck also. We all rejoice when you help us pay our rent! lol and THANK YOU FOR THAT! SO MUCH LOVE!

May your Holidays be full of appreciation for that which is important, may you have the blessings of family, friends and love... and don't forget to set your scales back 10 lbs!

With sincerity and love,

Your Cherokee soap makers

HOLIDAZE! November 09 2016, 0 Comments

Holidaze is your discount code through December!

It's a great discount!

BlackFriday2016 is your discount code for Black Friday weekend!


It's the day after election day. That's as wordy as I get. ha ha


Love and Appreciation,