About Us

Our little Cherokee soap factory located in El Prado, New Mexico


Casa Loma Plaza

Waaaaay up north on 522, on Wheeler Peak Rd. right beside the gravel pit

Call us, We'll get you here! and our wild factory is worth the drive!


36 State Hwy 522

We have alot of fun making soap for our beautiful customers. Fun is the reason we get out of bed in the morning! We are all registered Cherokee artists from the Western Band Cherokee of Oklahoma. Our humor, lifestyle and relaxed nature has been passed down from generation to generation...We love life 


~ Thanks for loving our soaps!



K2 Lewis

Industrial artist, soapmaker and Electric Guitar




Michelle Lewis

 Resident Nut

Welcome to CherokeeSoap.com 

Nature's Emporium Soap Company's online store!


Taos, New Mexico