November 2018 Native American Heritage Month

A beautiful customer reminded me I have forgotten to blog!
I have so much to say! How could I forget that?
I think I scared people with my Season Of The Witch campaign. lol but my intention was to remind Women to VOTE! Many of us were struck deeply by the Kavanaugh hearings and I am quite frankly fed up in having to work so hard to be recognized as a strong warrior Mama out here to make the world a better place. Discounted, as if I am just a hobby, not a force in business to be reckoned with!
I have many Sisters who were feeling the same. 
I was so pleased we all voted and brought Women to the biggest topic of election day! Women! I saw a friend who is 70 and has been a Native activist her entire life. She marched around the Bureau of Indian Affairs in DC in the 70s and was there drumming and singing and was one of those who helped overtake it in protest of Leonard Peltier and the Wounded Knee take over. She yelled across the entire Women's clothing section! "MICHELLE!! DID YOU SEE HOW US WOMEN DID! AND SISTERS! NATIVE AMERICAN SISTERS ARE IN CONGRESS!!!!" She was grinning ear to ear as we talked about the election and what hope it gave us. Other Women started smiling and joining in the conversation! The entire Women's section had a dozen Women discussing their joy... from every color & culture! Some were so happy to discuss as they hoped their husband didn't hear them lol
Congratulations to Debra Haaland and Sharice Davids!
I try not to get political. But my cause is Women and Water. Most importantly of all...Children. If we walked in a manner that this entire country put the well being of CHILDREN first, the balance and peace and righteousness would be beautiful.
So, since we are the Fry Bread makers of the world, I do believe we have power to spread the love. As I see it, the one who cooks is the one who owns complete power in the house. ha ha
The ducks are in! and have been going out with every order! Please take photos and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! My friends have been doing it, and it spreads such joy! I love the Christmas Ducks and the happiness they give!
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Gratitude or Snowball
By the way, it's going to snow here again tomorrow! Josh and I bought a kiln today so that he can pursue is business endeavors when he gets out of school. I am going to make... what else? SOAP DISHES! ha!
We are also going to go to Tres Peidras in the morning. They are opening a giant Earth kiln with 200 pieces that have been in the earth with a wood fire cooking for several weeks. Life is Taos may be bizarre, but it's never boring!
Wishing you a beautiful Holiday season, because it's here. I am planning Thanksgiving dinner already. (To love K2 and Josh is to get excited about feeding them) K2 lives in Santa Fe but he always finds his way home when the turkey goes in the oven. I am planning on many evenings of reading by the fire, while I watch it snow. My dream life!
Blessings to you and yours, I will try to blog more about soap next time. lol
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