2020 Apocalypse August 05 2020, 32 Comments

Big Love and Thanks to everyone who has supported us for more than 20 years!

 I'm going to write a book and tell the whole damn story.

For now, I am being creative, I am having to redesign the whole company and product line. I have to do it based on what supplies are available. 

I will be back ~ I have no doubt... I just am trying to figure a path to the future like you are. 

Blessings to you ~ Stay Safe

If you are losing skin and have to have a bar of soap. email me at Michelle@CherokeeSoap.com

Sign up for the newsletter on the website ~ that will be your best way to know when product is available. I do not see how wholesale is a possibility unless I find a factory to make it in.

If you are rich and want to invest in getting me rolling again ~ By all means, contact me lol 

BIg Love,

Michelle I Will Survive Lewis