Red Man and his story January 25 2019, 80 Comments


Artwork by Taos Artist Frederick Aragon ~ Follow him on Facebook. He's just a wonderful artist to follow! 

The way a soap comes into being... I blended these oils and made some sample lotions out to see how people responding to the warming spice. I got lots of good reactions... I didn't know what to call it other than Ginger, Saffron and Cedar. Then one night I couldn't sleep, and I have this great book of Cherokee stories from the 18th century. I just open it wherever and see what I might open to as the story I imagine my ancestors want me to read. The story was a bout a mysterious Red Man healer in the forest who saved two young hunters and helped them always have a good hunt. A couple of days later, I was looking at one of my favorite artists page on fb. Frederick Aragon. Check him out. He plays flute, he does art, he has fabulous honey... and such a nice man! and I see this print. I also noticed the black mask, that I am researching because I saw one on a Woman in a post about the Cherokee. I asked Rick if I could use it... I wasn't sure how people would respond to such a beautiful but strong painting...and then I asked what the name of the painting was. He said, "Red Man" ~ Well, I knew he was the one... for we all could use a mysterious healer who shows up just at the right time while we are on our path. Ginger oil is known for it's empowerment qualities... awakening, transformation. Saffron oil helps those in developing their 3rd eye (Intuition) I wonder if a mask helps one delvelop that? and Cedar is the sacred wood of the Cherokee. Never to be burned it is so sacred, only the flat green twigs should be used for medicine. Cedar oil is for longevity. Cedar is always green, it's hair never falls off in the Winter... ever greens are sacred to the Cherokee <3 so this is how a soap gets made.