Collection: Cherokee Soap Subscription

$144 gets one bar of soap delivered to your front door for a year! $288 gets you a soap and candle each month for a year! For $84 a 6 month plan gets a bar of luxurious soap to your front door for 6 months. There is also a candle subscription and a big 3 subscription to receive a lotion candle and soap every month! 

On the date of the month you order, the program will automatically send me a notice to ship your subscription ~ also, you have FULL POWER to manage your subscription, pause it, add products to your next fulfillment, change your address, etc... all from your account. You will need to make an account before you order to be able to access these controls. Simply push on the My Account link at the top of the page and you will see all of the options! Your subscriptions will automatically renew if you do not uncheck the box.  

Also! lol If buying gifts, you must place a new individual order for each gift address. Please do not send me a note requesting one order be sent someplace else. Computers do not translate those notes.

This program rocks! There have been no errors with the program and it has run as smooth as silk in 2022~ Blessings to you for keeping us going! We appreciate you so much!

Thank you!!