The long walk of inspiration... lol

The long walk of inspiration... lol

Many people ask me.. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL OF THESE IDEAS FOR SOAP? Outside of being extremely blessed with Attention Deficit ~ I follow a magic little journey of senses. I have a story for every soap created. Today, I am going to share my story about how George Jennings and I made a couple of bars of soap together! It's always accidental. One day, I walked into Taos Diner 2 to have breakfast with my Sons and this fabulous original art is on the wall. I asked my friend Samm who made them. She said, "Oh! George! Our dishwasher! Aren't they FABULOUS!?!" So.. I meet George, took photos and the journey begins...this is only a story that could happen in Taos, New Mexico. 

The Raven Medicine Soap:

On that Super Blood Red Blue Moon in January ~ I was making Lemongrass Patchouli Soap and somehow put Vanilla Bean instead of Patchouli. It was a Full Moon of transformation, so Face Book said.. I thought is was a full moon of devastation. lol So, I had this incredible soap, and had to share it. I sold it locally as .. you guessed it. Super Full Blood Blue Moon Soap 1.31.2018 ~ I sold all but 6 bars that day. People came in wanting more. They said it worked in easing them through the transformation of that moon. That was about the same time I met George at The Diner 2. I was reading last week about the magic and medicine of Ravens. We have Raven medicine everywhere here. They laugh and chuckle at the silly things us humans do ~ they enjoy our transformation. I see them as a beautiful medicine as do many tribes in the Southwest. When I combined the dark black soap with George's art  and the research, I fell in love ~ and whipped up another batch under the March Full Moon. and so you have the rest of that story. Transformation soap!

The Bear Medicine Soap:

January is the season that I create new soaps. I was sad, I needed strength, I needed direction. I so relate with being a Mama Bear. Even kids I didn't give birth to call me Mama Bear. lol I wanted to make myself some Bear Medicine. Osha is only found above 9000 ft in the Rocky Mountains. It is an antiseptic. It also brings Good Luck and Protection. I have had a few Spanish local men show me that they carry their protection in their pockets (a piece of Osha Bear Root) wherever they go. It is a local tradition. Osha is used in every Native American tribe for medicine one way or another. For me, The Osha Root is also a saponification root. Soap! Wanting to keep it pure, I added no scent. This is designed to be antiseptic, spiritual and medicinal soap. It's medicine in every way. Everyone has loved the label by GEORGE JENNINGS so much, they begged me to make a lotion and candle to go with it. Who wants an unscented lotion and candle? not many. So, I scented the lotion and candle with a subtle sugared mint. with a smidgen of Osha root. 

This is the tale of 2 soaps, one AMAZING artist ~ George Jennings and the journey through the apothecary of my soul. 

I truly hope you enjoy them!

Much Love ~ Mama Bear ~ Michelle Lewis

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