The Artists

It has been our biggest thrill to feature artists and promote them on our labels! We've featured many over the years and wanted to add a page just about them!

See the soaps to find the link to their page ~ I love these people, I love their art, I love it when I hear you purchased a piece of their art because you saw it on a bar of soap!  This is a working list. 

Greg Avery Cloud ~ Wind Warrior

Sarah Hart ~ The Sugar Bar ~

Tera Muskrat ~ Queen Of The Woodpile, Hard Candy Christmas

Jazzai Kapri ~ Desert Oasis

John Philip Wagner ~ Bay Rum

Roberta Begaye ~

Elizabeth Jose ~ Lemon Drop

Lance Smith ~ Bear Medicine, Cedar, Cherokee Moon

Anita Rodriguez ~ Raw Honey

Heather Geoffrey ~ Love Elixir, Sandalwood Patchouli & Coconut, Shea Butter & Yucca

Travis Mammedaty ~ Sweet Grass & Cedar

Jeralyn Lujan Lucero ~ Green Chile Lemon

Deborah McLaren ~ Mountain Morning, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Man

Crystal Hunton ~ Full Moon

Kevin Lewis ~ Thunder Moon

Michelle Lewis ~ Graphic Artist