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Organic Patchouli

Organic Patchouli

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Handcrafted with saponified Olive, Palm, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Hemp oil & Castor. Patchouli essential oil from Indonesia and Raw Honey.

Patchouli is an incredigle healing oil known to be good for skin conditioning and is antiseptic. Helps to relieve depression. 

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Customer Reviews

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melody friend

After a long disappointing search for that authentic patchouli fragrance I first smelled wafting through the air at a festival in Topanga canyon when I was fourteen, I found this. I knew it was right when the heady scent transported me back to being there and feeling the optimism of love, peace and wonder. The best part is that it gently lingers throughout the day reminding me I was once young.

The Scent As I Remember It

It is sooo hard to find Patchouli lotion. The scent of this one is just as I remember from the 70's! I love it! It's scent lingers on my skin, not a heavy scent at all and true to what I remember as Patchouli smelling like, since so many Patchouli scents now smell diluted, and not real. I also have the soap and will use that after I finish using your Musk soap, which is wonderful I may add!
I love the packaging too, the pictures on the wrapper and cloth around the soap, makes an attractive presentation!
Thank you for such a wonderful products.