Deer Lady

$ 5.00

The legend of deer lady is in many native americans stories. She is a woman with hooves. She is a super hero granting love & fertility to men who are kind. Men who are abusive, she lures in and seduces and leaves them alone & lost in a forest of doubt. I felt this was important to share a super hero for all women in the middle of the Missing and Murdered indigenous Women movement. The investigation of Indian schools is riddled with abuse from the church. We all need a super hero, us women ~ maybe there is a little deer lady in all of us. to donate 10% of Sales will be donated Handcrafted with saponified Olive, Palm Soy, Coconut, Castor, Hemp oils & Cocoa - Shea Butters. Raw Honey ~ Bourbon Butterscotch oil **** The SOAP is a very lightly scented version of butterscotch The LOTIONS and CANDLES are full Bourbon Butterscotch scented and a beautiful scent for Autumn!

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