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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! December 05 2014, 1 Comment

Christmas is here!  It's like the Season just crept upon us and now it's in full swing! We love all the magic of the Season, rather it be Santa, the Lights, the Snow, the Love ~ oh the Love!

Our America is in crisis ~ riots, protests and anger ~ and I try to always see the upside of everything ~ and what I do see, while there is hatred ~ there are thousands of us who wish for a better world for our children and great grandchildren ~ and we believe in equality, love & happiness ~ and we are together as one to understand each other, understand our past and how that affects our future ~ we want happiness for all. K2 and Josh are Black, Anglo & Cherokee ~ I have to walk a very sacred line of the high road always ~ for they are several races combined in one.  It is my responsibility to give these boys (men) pride in themselves as a whole ~ to not be prejudiced towards anyone, as my Sons encompass us all. and I want them to love every single drop of DNA in themselves as they also turn that Love towards the World.  We are open to all people, rich or poor, crazy or sane (still looking for the sane. lol) homeless or owns several houses, hate and love, ~ for we are all related ~ I urge you to open your hearts to all people in your Life, seek to understand their path or at least understand ~ you have no I idea how you would react to life if you had walked in their path.... we just don't know ~ but with understanding and an open heart, I do believe we can all feel the magic of Christmas, The Holidays, The Season.......

Above all this is The Season for Loving ~ spread that stuff everywhere!

We thank you so much for a successful 2014 and your support as I raised these boys (men, I keep forgetting) by making soap for the past 15 years, in turn ~ I have done my best to turn two beautiful men towards society, with hope to make this world a better place.  They really didn't need me for that ~ they were just born with beautiful hearts. I know, I'm sappy today....lol

So! Candy Cane, Cookies For Santa, Decadence, Lavender Honey Elixir, Gift of The Magi and A Christmas Soap have been wildly popular, right along with the candles and lotions ~  Your Discount Code is: Christmas and we are putting Christmas rubber duckies in all of the orders! 

We will be able to get your package to any place in America ~ by Christmas ~ we appreciate you ~ we love you and we are grateful for whomever reads this as you care ~ and we care right back.

Now, get that Hot Cocoa, pile it full of Whipped Cream and throw the family in the car and drive around and look at Christmas lights while you all get that warm glow of the Season ~ and don't forget to TAKE A BATH! 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

This Is The Season For Loving,


Soapy Abundance & Bubbly Gratitude June 20 2014, 11 Comments

There has been a lot of talk in the last decade of Gratitude & Abundance, and we bought the talk and try to be positive and speak and behave in a manner that draws what we need to us.  We are so grateful for our company and the life it has given us, now if some of you saw our house or car, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be impressed ~ but we are abundant with good friends and clients we have met throughout the years.  We are grateful that we work hard and while making your products we walk out after work smelling better than anyone else in town!  We are grateful for the people we haven't met but have a beautiful relationship with them because of soap. I've always said the soap isn't our purpose in life, but it has very much been the vehicle to self healing and hopefully healing others.  It's not just soap, it's a philosophy for us.  Do good every day in hopes that our soap picks up on our genuine love for life and goes like ripples into the world and spreads a little happiness and love. What I have seen in these past few years of insane economy, is we survived, because we are abundant with beautiful people, who happen to use our soaps!

I have many well meaning business people tell me how I should run the business ~ and I should only present a professional front. We should be here from 8am to 8pm if we are ever going to be anything in life. We just kinda smile at them and try hard to be polite, as they don't see how rich we are....and probably have never taken a patched innertube down the Rio Grande river, or gone camping to sing around the campfire and gorge on marshmellows, or walked a long a shady trail up a mountain listening to nature. We are pretty sure they have never been to a Dave Matthews Band concert or sit with people like My Graveyard Jaw (a New Orleans band we picked up like puppys several years ago and took home with us) and listened to them play their incredible ballads on a cello & guitar & violin in the yard while the sound wraps us in a hug and goes out over the cows.  THAT'S THE RICH PART OF OUR LIVES!! I'm pretty sure real business people have not had the pleasure of lovingly making a product while listening to music and smiling and laughing and dancing when it hits them. Abundance............ We are blessed.

My latest EPIC FAIL was to turn down one more corporate offer. Don't get me wrong, we could use the money!  However, it is our friends who own very small businesses who have built this company. They have grown right along with us, some of them have lost their business because corporate businesses like theirs have moved in and put them out of business.  Our commitment is to people like us. Who are grateful for their life and grateful for a good honest product. Our commitment in wholesale is to the small businesses of America, for I believe we are the backbone, the strong and the mighty. WE CARE!

My Grandparents on their Kansas farm grew every vegetable, fruit, herb & nut they could. They had a huge farm they worked with their own two hands. They had a little shop on their drive way that many surrounding neighbors come to trade goods. They would spend hot afternoons sitting in those metal chairs that rock, surrounded by friends and family, just sitting in the shade, sometimes talking sometimes just looking at the day.....with the smell of Grandma's flowers always drifting on the breeze. They were the richest people I've ever known. They taught me how to seize the day.  Grandpa would suddenly say, "Let's go to Dairy King and get some ice cream!" and Grandma would run to get her purse ~ and we would ride in a 1950s pick up truck and shake to town. I am grateful for them, for they taught me The Good Life!

Anyway, I ramble a lot ~ but I wanted to tell each and every one of you ~ We are so very grateful for the friendship and abundance you bring to our lives. I hope it comes back to you ten fold and more. As long as somebody is taking a bath, we are here to be your personal soap makers!  When you tell others about your beautiful skin, you have my permission to tell them, you have a personal soap maker and who I am! 


May your day be filled with Gratitude & Abundance and may you feel how rich you are!