Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas is here!  It's like the Season just crept upon us and now it's in full swing! We love all the magic of the Season, rather it be Santa, the Lights, the Snow, the Love ~ oh the Love!

Our America is in crisis ~ riots, protests and anger ~ and I try to always see the upside of everything ~ and what I do see, while there is hatred ~ there are thousands of us who wish for a better world for our children and great grandchildren ~ and we believe in equality, love & happiness ~ and we are together as one to understand each other, understand our past and how that affects our future ~ we want happiness for all. K2 and Josh are Black, Anglo & Cherokee ~ I have to walk a very sacred line of the high road always ~ for they are several races combined in one.  It is my responsibility to give these boys (men) pride in themselves as a whole ~ to not be prejudiced towards anyone, as my Sons encompass us all. and I want them to love every single drop of DNA in themselves as they also turn that Love towards the World.  We are open to all people, rich or poor, crazy or sane (still looking for the sane. lol) homeless or owns several houses, hate and love, ~ for we are all related ~ I urge you to open your hearts to all people in your Life, seek to understand their path or at least understand ~ you have no I idea how you would react to life if you had walked in their path.... we just don't know ~ but with understanding and an open heart, I do believe we can all feel the magic of Christmas, The Holidays, The Season.......

Above all this is The Season for Loving ~ spread that stuff everywhere!

We thank you so much for a successful 2014 and your support as I raised these boys (men, I keep forgetting) by making soap for the past 15 years, in turn ~ I have done my best to turn two beautiful men towards society, with hope to make this world a better place.  They really didn't need me for that ~ they were just born with beautiful hearts. I know, I'm sappy

So! Candy Cane, Cookies For Santa, Decadence, Lavender Honey Elixir, Gift of The Magi and A Christmas Soap have been wildly popular, right along with the candles and lotions ~  Your Discount Code is: Christmas and we are putting Christmas rubber duckies in all of the orders! 

We will be able to get your package to any place in America ~ by Christmas ~ we appreciate you ~ we love you and we are grateful for whomever reads this as you care ~ and we care right back.

Now, get that Hot Cocoa, pile it full of Whipped Cream and throw the family in the car and drive around and look at Christmas lights while you all get that warm glow of the Season ~ and don't forget to TAKE A BATH! 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

This Is The Season For Loving,


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Hi Michelle!I liked the face scrub you made with oats and red beans. It was soft on the face.Thanks for letting us try your pcdturos and I would like to order the soap sampler.Natalia


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