New Moons ~ New Beginnings

I love the New Moon ~ it is kinda a do-over event for me! Whatever I didn't get right the last month, I feel like the New Moon re-boots, re-sets, re-establishes and re-invigorates me!  So, if it's kinda been rough for you ~ just believe the New Moon gives us a new start and we can do anything we want to do <3 In keeping with Do-Over New Moon Day ~ I believe we have a new website that is doing everything I need it to do.  It's new! It's speedy! It's working!  It is the first week of Spring in Taos.  I know for many of you, Spring started in March, but Mother Nature decided we need moisture and cool winds, so it got delayed a bit.  So, in celebration of the warming weather and all of the rain we were blessed with this month ~ I'm offering 10% off everything on our website.  Just write Rain in the discount code box and your discount will apply to your total! We appreciate you very much.  K2 is working at the Flying Star Cafe in Santa Fe and Josh is off to camp. I am having fun pretending I am free and can do anything I want to do!

Thanks for helping all our dreams come true!

 Michelle Lewis

 (Yeah, they shouldn't have given me a blog, I already know I like to talk, now you know it too! ha)

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I love using your soap for hand washing after spndieng time getting dirty with clay. I also love my husband and son, coffee, the feeling AFTER a long run, summer afternoons in the backyard, and listening to music.


The hardest job? Working two at a time beascue I quit one. I was a bank teller and worked nights at Target, it doesnt sound hard, but it was an adventure. I was over 18 and could work until midnight while the younger kids could only work until 10:00 pm. Oh and this was through Christmas as well. fun fun lol


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