WooooooHooooooo!!!! We made it through another year!! October 23 2021, 20 Comments

Thank you so much for loving our product enough to keep us going! One year ago, I was privileged to be living behind the Georgia O'Keefe museum in Santa Fe and oops! The house we were renting was in foreclosure so we had to find a space QUICK!  A friend called and said she had an idea to get us going again and come up with money for a place to live. We had sold it ALL in 2020. Everything we owned fit in a Uhaul. lol So, my friend suggested subscriptions! I was so excited, I knew it was the right idea, and in 4 hours I was back in business... well. We found a warehouse space that is zoned work live and we decided to make it my studio. We had to buy new cookers, tables, spatulas, oils, fix up the warehouse and figure it out all over again. It was pretty exciting really! I appreciate you all so much for giving me hope. You all know the history of the past year, pandemic, supplies, panic, to vax or not to vax, (K2 and Josh are essential workers and I'm old, we wanted to enjoy life a little and quit being so paranoid, so yes, we vaxxed happily) Them damn guys and their pickups lol Every time I saw them I thought the civil war was gonna break out. Rising prices with less to buy. Those of us who have made it this far? We are survivors, and they will talk about our hardships and strength in history books. Real history books. 

I stirred and stirred and I'm starting to get in the groove again. My Sons were raised in the soap world. K2 has been working in Santa Fe for the past 8 years, Josh got a job too. They have more money than I do... but I have an addiction to making soap. ha. I get emails that are written like we are this big corporation asking if I could have someone in marketing update their address... IT'S ME! I DO EVERYTHING! ha...  I am authentic about who we are and what we do. Somehow people think it's a company with 20 employees. Nope, just one Woman. One grouchy old Woman lol. Thank God for good soap, collagen, anti wrinkle cream and hair colorant...and the occasional younger man. ha ha I watch tik tok. sorry.  

Our subscriptions had a lot of bumps and platforms were restructuring and erasing everything I did almost monthly ~ so this month, the new subscription will launch, with a new platform and it's supposed to be amazing.... by Nov 1st, it should be ready. I'm so excited. I was so surprised at how many people purchased the subscription last year. I know half of you personally, so it was stressful trying to remember what soaps make you happy. lol. I only had 2 people who didn't think I was good at picking soaps for them, so I feel like that's a positive. lol (I try) That's why the NEW subscription will have choices like Vanilla types, Citrus, Floral, Woods, Patchouli blends, Let Michelle Pick, Manly, Seasonal, etc lol !!

All this news about the supply chain makes me nervous. There may be months that all I can do is fill subscriptions. Last week I couldn't find coconut oil, this week, olive oil was a challenge, ALL Summer I was buying candle wicks 20 at a time whenever I could find them. I remember the small tins for candles were unavailable so I had to use big ones. I even had a dear friend from Florida buy me a ton of parchment paper which lines our soap molds, because there was not a roll in New Mexico! So, I'm flexible... however, tested to the nth degree. So let's all try to remember soap is made with food products and that seems to be what's missing from a lot of grocery and suppliers. AND the prices keep going up up up.... well, you all know.  I paid $8.99 for a pound of bacon and I can't stop talking about it! ha ha I always figure it out, but like you, I feel like a contortionist! When I go quiet, well, I'm tired of explaining. lol I'll TRY to be more positive!

We haven't opened a retail space yet. I live here lol I may pick one day a month to be open and that's about it. I mean, K2 built me a fabulous shower right in the middle of the shop. You can imagine what excitement it would be if a customer walked in while I was trying to take a shower.... I could yell, "YEAH HELP YOURSELF LEAVE THE CASH ON THE COUNTER!!" no. I'm thinking about it. If someone calls and says they need soap now, I tell them to come on over if I have time to spend on that. 

I took my first vacation in 10 years, I was in New Orleans twice, I have just my favorite people in the world running a great organic farm inner city. Speak Easy Farms. I almost moved there, and then Ida. Now we are thinking New Mexico might be a good space to be! Follow those Cajun Navy Ground Force. They are still helping people hit from that hurricane. That was such a blessing to be in New Orleans!

I'm extremely ADHD, I prefer to call it Neuro Divergent. Thank you very much. People read my writings and think I'm somebody else, then they walk in and realize I really am the one who runs around like a chicken with their head cut off. lol

I call this the ramblings of a soapmaker for a reason, ya know.

I am an activist for Native American rights. I really should post more about this, because I am passionate about the subject. I think I will make a point to do that this year. I'll try not to cuss. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.... do you know 45 went missing on one fb page in 2 weeks? They are stolen for sex trafficking, a lot of them are for the Man camps in the oil pipelines. I'm passionate about water and women. For without both, there is no life. I am passionate about the truth and reconciliation for US Indian schools. My Dad was an Indian school survivor. Look up the truth about US Indian schools. Kill the Indian, Save the man. spit. 7100 children have been found in unmarked graves beside churches in the US and Canada in the past year, we still have a lot of schools to investigate, like 350 (The Churches ran the schools) While I'm talking, LaDonna Bravebull Allard who started Standing Rock Water Protection asked me for one thing on her last birthday. She asked that the Doctrine of Discovery be reversed. Look that up. I read about it and responded, You want it all back?! She laughed and said, They can stay as long as they are good to the Earth. I love that Woman. She inspired 100,000 people to stand by her and fight the DAPL pipeline from digging through their ancestors graves and destroying their water. That's a Queen, a beautiful Queen. Also, an Indian school survivor. She passed away with a brain tumor, I think she knew what she was talking about. The water...  May I suggest you also support Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland and write her about your concerns for Native America. I'm honored to be Cherokee, I'm honored that my Grandma was Marie Cloud and I am a Cloud. and her Great Great Grandmother was a Sixkiller. I am so honored to be their descendant. I am obligated to continue their fight for justice for all Native Americans. 

(Steps down from soap box) eh hem

Well, here we go, the second year of the new Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co.  I'm going to change the name one more time though. The Cherokee Soap Emporium. Ya like that? I'm going to keep using my creativity as therapy as we walk through these days of what the hell is going on. I sure do appreciate everyone that likes what I create. 

All I've been able to say lately, after I complain is, I am blessed. How I have survived the wreck, my dog dieing, the pandemic, forced removal and supply shortages, I will never know. The only answer is, I am truly blessed. Thank you for blessing me!

So, Let's do this!

Take a bath and Change the world.

Have fun and help people.

When you have the choice between adventure and work, take the adventure. 

Honor the ancestors.

Continue to inspire.



Blessings to you ~ Michelle Lewis,