The Change of Life June 15 2016, 1 Comment

Did I make you read the blog? ha!

We have had a wild last month. Joshua graduated and is studying pottery ~ K2 is spreading his entrepreneurial wings and Mama got a brand new store!

Can ya believe we got em raised? After all it takes a village...

Here are some new soap shop photos ~ 36 State Hwy 522 North of Taos

We think it's going to add to anyone's Taos, New Mexico vacation... the locals love it, we have been christening it nightly! 5 o Clock seems to have locals coming in just to talk about their day...  Ah... Taos!

Anyway ~ I thought I'd share. We have 3 times the space and here we are up and ready to roll. I better get to making soaps, lotions and candles ~ oh my 

Thank you & Gratitude Always,

Michelle Mama Bear Lewis