The Change of Life

The Change of Life

Did I make you read the blog? ha!

We have had a wild last month. Joshua graduated and is studying pottery ~ K2 is spreading his entrepreneurial wings and Mama got a brand new store!

Can ya believe we got em raised? After all it takes a village...

Here are some new soap shop photos ~ 36 State Hwy 522 North of Taos

We think it's going to add to anyone's Taos, New Mexico vacation... the locals love it, we have been christening it nightly! 5 o Clock seems to have locals coming in just to talk about their day...  Ah... Taos!

Anyway ~ I thought I'd share. We have 3 times the space and here we are up and ready to roll. I better get to making soaps, lotions and candles ~ oh my 

Thank you & Gratitude Always,

Michelle Mama Bear Lewis 

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Michelle hey! Tickled about the new shop. I took European visitors by the old location, and to order my more or less annual gift case, and my heart sank, gawking at emptiness. Then remembered that treasured geek, K2, had done webmaster creativity. Wonderful site.

Hope to get by this week.


Mary-Anne de Lany

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