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This is the season for loving... October 24 2015, 7 Comments

Maya and I met for breakfast this morning ~ we had a lovely spinach, mushroom, egg combination at a local restaurant and of course I had coffee, What is life without coffee? I went up to the server to get a warmer on my coffee, her kitchen hands were a mess and she wanted to charge me for the refill, seventy five cents. "I just wanted a warmer, not a refill" She yelled at me. I cussed.  

We went out by the river and walked in the Autumn leaves ~ I started to settle down, I heard a man on his cell phone cussing and saying he was just tired and didn't want to discuss this subject anymore. He cussed.

The Balloon festival is in town, our sky is full of beautiful balloons. The Harvest Moon is starting to glow and I swear I heard the Bruja's with their hocus pocus and it made me wonder if maybe it's all the green chile & lemon we eat this time of year that set us on edge.

I made jokes while I waited for my favorite fabric girl to cut my fabric, she was breathing heavy like she had a cold. Well, she didn't like my jokes much...maybe she just needs some romance.

We came to the shop and started to work in the leisurely the way we do on Saturdays. I looked at the healing mountain in front of me and knew I must be blessed. I told the mountain a joke, she laughed. She in fact tossed me a pear and told me to hang in there. 

Maybe I am delusional in thinking if we just loved each other a little more and treated one another like the Goddess we are, and were just a little more patient with our MAN! we might be able to spread that love everywhere so everyone would have a nice face. I dunno. Pretty soon, we are going to be putting out candy canes and cookies for Santa and well, that's supposed to be a joyous season too.

Let's try to be a little more patient with one another during this next few months, take more baths, have a little fun... I mean, I may be one sweet hippy, but love the state of euphoria and as long as I'm preaching, try to find me on a mountain morning, dancing in the rain and drinking my hazelnut mocha.

Have a great day, if you are bored... See if you can find the 18 soaps I mentioned in this blog. lol


Pumpkin Spice Explosion October 01 2015, 0 Comments

I LOVE Autumn ~ the smells, the flavors, the pumpkin spice...lol.

I keep seeing memes that are making fun of us pumpkin spice loving people. For the record, Nature's Emporium Soap Co. has been making a big deal out of Autumn and all of the awesome pumpkin, carmel, apples, witches potions and black cats since 1999. It's not a FAD, this is how our Mother's raised us! I have the greatest memories of buying pumpkins and making pumpkin rolls, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie and jack o lanterns, my entire childhood.  Warm wonderful memories with Mom...for the prelude of pumpkin was just the beginning of our 20 lb gain for the Winter. Chili season too! and homemade baked bread...cookies, leading up to the pecan pies and fudge and peanut brittle of December.

So, since it's October 1st..Let your pumpkin praline freak flag fly! Don't be ashamed by those hipsters who have lost what the meaning of October is! 

Join us in our celebration of the Autumn. Wake up and have a pumpkin spice oreo, before you get in the shower to take a great Harvest Moon experience with our soap, while burning your Hocus Pocus candle and putting on your Karmalicious lotion afterwards. Wear your orange and green tshirt proudly. Go get a pumpkin spice latte and have a good day. 

Where can you find all those goodies?? Just follow this link!


and that's all I have to say about that.

Your discount code is still: Pumpkin Spice

I love you, Pumpkin lol

Michelle Lewis


Taos Autumn Soap and More September 18 2015, 9 Comments

Have you seen this meme on social media? Making fun of us people who love the Pumpkin Spice Latte? I'm the Cherokee girl in yoga pants that appears out of nowhere and starts talking about all the things I love about Fall. ha!
Well, I just love this time of year and I can hardly get enough of it! I know it's the best time of the year and I'm embracing it with both arms, BABY! 
In Taos, New Mexico ~ our Autumns are full of Green Chile Roasting, Aspens and Chamisa turning bright yellow and we also have a new fun festival in town called The Paseo! Check it out TaosPaseo.org and to go with the fall theme one of the pieces of art exhibitions is a giant spider made of steel by Christina Sporrong. My youngest son, Joshua is even going to be in on the art show, I will see if I can capture the wild art to share!
We at Nature's Emporium wish you a joyous week filled with Pumpkin, Vanilla, Spice and enjoying Nature and Art, while we just keep making the soaps you love!
Your discount code is: Pumpkin Spice
Our website is: www.CherokeeSoap.com
We truly appreciate you visiting our website and I want to tell the one person who reads our blog. That we appreciate you very very much!
Michelle Lewis

New Soaps and Savings at Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co. September 10 2015, 1 Comment


From your friends at

Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co.


Here up on the mountain at Nature's Emporium Soap Co. or from the comfort of your own home at CherokeeSoap.com we just love the change of Seasons. Autumn is the best, isn't it? Pumpkins, Spices, Apples, Pears, Sunflowers and Cooler weather! We love to celebrate this season! Your discount code is PUMPKIN SPICE for 10% Off each purchase. WHOLESALE is your discount if you own a shop and would like to sell our products! We have added a whole bunch of shops this year, so make sure and check our website for a shop near you! We truly appreciate the shops that help us sell soap, YOU GUYS ROCK! May your Autumn be bright and everything you dream Autumn to be. We appreciate you!


We made a healthy bar and a fun bar
Charcoal, Matcha Green Tea & Coconut Soap
and Mmmm spicey Pear Soap

Turkey  Medicine

In many cultures is important to gift one another in order to keep the balance. We LOVE this tradition! Each order will get a Cherokee Love Seed and a sample of soap wrapped in brown paper. We want you to feel loved! I am the worst business Woman in the world, you buy something from me, I feel like I have to gift you. The therapist haven't been able to fix me yet, so just please except our extras..lol..If you would like to carry in your shop or purchase for yourself Cherokee Love Seeds.. please visit this website and you can name them whatever you want to, also! We love these happy pieces of wood!!
For those who have followed my little boys from the beginning (1999) Josh and K2 are 18 and 23 and they are STILL the greatest Sons in the world. This was taken last weekend when they took their Mom to a movie. and yes...we all still walk to the beat of our own drum. ha! K2 lives in Santa Fe and is mixing adobe (it's just like soap making) and Josh is a Sr. at Vista Grande and he is your chief soap cutter. Thanks for helping me get em raised!
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