Let's face it... January 28 2017, 0 Comments

I absolutely cannot STAND Valentine's Day...  I try so hard every year to appear like I care, but I don't. lol So this time of year is when I generally create new products! 

Your discount code is TAKEABATH! and please take a bath ~ I need the therapy, I need you to take lots of baths and showers and buy soaps, candles, lotions, bath bombs & bath salts so I stay away from Facebook and the News and well, I just need to keep busy. But if you want to pick up a sign and march for Standing Rock or want to donate and do not know to whom, give me a call, I'd be happy to direct you in the right direction.

So... <Insert Native drum roll>

Our New soaps are as follows ~

Cognac Rose ~ A sultry and seductive Rose that just feels full of love and bubbles

Imprint  ~ Tobacco oil for prayer ~ Amber oil for protection. This luxurious unisex soap is loved by both Women and Men.  It is dedicated to the Imprint we made together this year in our solidarity with Standing Rock. The scent it sure to stir your thoughts of the Imprint you would like to make that lasts for many generations to come!

Velvet Underground Tribute Bar ~ I am in love with this beautiful bar of soap as much as I am in love with Lou Reed, Andy Warhol's famous art, and the revolution of the 60s. I called it Psychedelic Strawberry. It is actually the most beautiful blend of Strawberry, Musk and Sugar. You will not be disappointed!

We have also changed our packaging on the Mamby Bath Salts and Mabel's Peyote Milk Bath Cure. As shipping prices go through the roof, I figure we would all rather the lightest weight container possible! I absolutely love these bath salts to relax in the bath or to invigorate the skin in the shower~ I am sure you will love the shaker containers and at a price of $12 each ~ it is sure to please!

Thank you for supporting our causes and families and giving me a place to spend my creative energy!

We had the best year in the history of our company in 2016 ~ I'm not sure how we did that, but we sure do appreciate you making that happen! 

I am going to go back to work making 120 lotions for the Cherokee Nation gift shop, I sure love those folks! I remember a man selling my soap in Indiana having a banner over his table that said, "These Soaps are made by Michelle Lewis, Her Grandmother made soaps for the entire Cherokee Nation!" I told him he had to take it down. lol She made soap for her family! He said, "It sells soap!", "Take it down." He must have been a fortune teller... because here we are, making soap for the entire Cherokee Nation (gift shop & Hard Rock casino) hee hee...

I should have went to work before I told that last story, but now you are stuck with it!

Blessings to you and your family ~ may your spirits be lifted and your ancestors be plenty as we navigate these waters in America. Love, Michelle, K2, Josh & Maya

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix