Indigenous Rising August 25 2016, 9 Comments

I am thrilled that the Native American community across America has joined together in peaceful protest against the North Dakota Pipeline that is trying to dig it's way through Lakota, Nokata, Dakota nations and waaaay to close to the Missouri river. This is a cause that is noble and beautiful.  We will donate a portion of all sales to the Sacred Stone Camp which is land in which thousands of Natives have joined together in peaceful protest. They have stopped the drilling, digging and damage to the land so far. They do need provisions. We have been watching this story carefully and donating since it began. I thought it might be wise to gather more money from our sales to help. A judge has put off the hearing until Septemeber 10th and many more people are headed there to help with the protest. I may be one of them if I can get a few daysof a break, if not, that's fine, I would rather be making soap and raising money in support. 

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Please follow this story. The more of us Americans who are paying close attention the safer the people will remain. We have friends on the inside. What little media is reporting ~ they are reporting false stories of violence. This is a very peaceful protest. There was a sheriff talking of hearing discussion of pipes and thought there were pipe bombs. NOT TRUE... the pipes were prayer pipes. This is not Native water they are protecting, this American water!


Much Love,

Michelle Lewis