I need help!

2019 ~ 2020 brought me to my knees. I had a roll over accident in 2019 that has resulted in me still trying to heal. I had used all of my money to buy my dream car and got hit from behind 3 weeks later by a an under insured driver who hit me going 45 mph and flipped my car. I was broke, had to buy whatever over priced pickup truck I could find and finance it. My insurance paid my other car off. lol yeah! But my bills were through the roof, I had no choice but to try to make more money to survive. Josh was in his last year of college. We decided to open a 2nd location in downtown Taos with credit cards to try to make the extra money we needed. November and December 2019, Taos was devastated economically. No snow. The week we finally got snow for skiers was Thanksgiving weekend and it was a blizzard so we were pretty much shut down with a town packed full of people. Needless to say, I put more money into my downtown shop than I made. and then 2020... lightening strikes.  I closed the downtown shop, got sick in February with some strange respiratory flu, my best friend dog died, Gracie was my best friend for 13 years and I was defeated. and then Covid 19 hit. Josh and I geared up with our hand sanitizer and masks and continued to try to continue business. If you remember, it was terrifying then. We would go to the post office, the grocery and walmart daily to ship orders or buy supplies. Thank you so much for all who ordered and got us through that time.  We were living on frozen pizza and coffee. With most stores on lock down and wholesale being 90% of our business, we quickly started sliding down the ladder while trying to continue to keep what credit we had. We worked through the entire lock down. Shaking. I was now not only recovering from a wreck, I am pretty sure I had a nervous breakdown a month through the first half of the year. But was too numb and grouchy to know it..and then the supplies started to not be available. I still have not gotten all those bottles and pumps I ordered in February. Lotion is just not a possibility, not in 2020.  In June, I was just starting to make money again... and my landlord evicted me from my house because I could not magically come up with 3 months rent in 10 days. Just a bad year.  My Sons showed up with a UHaul and got me out of Taos into the safety of Santa Fe, where I could rest and they could let me. I have walked my beautiful 2 dogs 3 miles a day and slept 12 hours a day through most of the Summer. The mention of soap made me sick to my stomach and the shakes would begin.  I am finally getting stronger and only sleeping at night. I believe I can do this again!  But I need help.  We sold everything so that I could rest. and I mean everything lol. We kept some molds, pots, stir sticks, fragrances and essential oils. but the rest is gone. Thankfully, selling everything gave me enough to pay bills and rest. No, I have not paid that landlord yet, he sold my house and is taking me to court for evicting me while in the moratorium.I asked the town what my legal rights were and it took them 2 days to respond and they said they didn't know. See why my Sons wanted me out of Taos? 

I am fine with getting a real job. But I can't do that and make soap. So I am at a crossroads. Making soap in the house is just not working AT ALL. I need a makers space, I need supplies, I need to be able to work at my own pace until I am fully restored. A friend came up with a great idea this morning. She suggested I sell a subscription package for one bar of soap to be delivered to your door monthly for $120. That is including shipping. At this time that is all I can offer, and hopefully it will give me the funds to get a maker space and place to live all in one. My youngest son, Josh and I are prepared to live in the loft, and live like industrial artists long enough to get on our feet. We have GOT to figure out how to put a shower in that space. ha ha. After we get set up and rolling, I will add more soaps, candles and salves to the website. We shall see what happens with the lotion....  The wreck cracked half of my teeth at the root, so I have 6 weeks more of dental visits, so I have to take it slow and can't roll like I used to. 

So, I am asking, please help us get rolling. For $120 ~ I promise to send you the soap of the month for a year. I am excited to try some new fragrances and make some old favorites. I am excited to use this time for creativity and also I am trying to write a book about our company and the INSANE journey of this soap maker. I have people encouraging me to do a tell all. lol I prefer to write a fiction, that no one knows if it's true or not, but a really good read. 

I love you all, I appreciate you getting us this far ~ I got my boys raised, and that is the biggest blessing of all. They are both flourishing and K2 and Josh couldn't make me prouder or feel more loved. Wonderful humans!

Blessings to you ~ I am hoping to see you again, real soon! 

Love, Michelle

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In my experience,Taos is a tuff nut. Hard to make a living, tuff to raise children. I will follow you on Facebook. I am looking forward to the completion of your healing process. My favorite soap
is the” Horse Spirit”.






After all this time I finally found you guys again! I am so heartbroken to hear the news… I freaking love K2 and Josh. Youve done so great with the boys. Send them my love? And you. Ill be placing an order in the coming week (pay day) and look forward to your soap again! I still have the tiniest sliver of the Leather one you gave me years ago….. It still smells amazing. That bar and I have bathed in so many rivers, rest stops and ponds. Id be one smelly grouch without it.

All my best to you all <3

C. Freeman

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