Happy 2021 January 02 2021, 80 Comments

We made it to 2021~ Happy New Year!

2020 was a rough ride but we made it, thanks to my very patient customers who bought subscription soaps and gave me hope again! Thank you! Subscriptions will be available throughout the year for gifts to loved ones, it has been so popular, I decided to keep it going. For now. I've learned to not make plans anymore. ha ha The price is incredible... free shipping every month.

I am going to make soaps with supplies that are available and also put them on the website. Believe it or not, soap is a food product, if you have noticed the rising cost of food, you understand, I'm in the same bath tub... many items are not available, some our 3 times the price. Did you buy a bottle of Vanilla extract over the holidays? I gasped! Our price has been adjusted only to reflect our costs of supplies. With great sadness, we are no longer able to do wholesale. Our bars have been re designed so Mom can make all the soap, cut all of the soap and ship all of the soap. So much has changed, I never thought after 20 years I would be redesigning the entire company from the ground up, but I am very excited about the high quality product, rich in butters and the packaging is even better with muslin bags and full colored labels. 

I realize lotion is a love of many, I have developed a new salve butter that is made with olive, coconut, shea, beeswax and essential oils. It is absolutely the moisture we need, goes on smooth, soaks in and leaves the skin glowing and beautiful, I will add those to the website as I make them.

With great joy, we found an old brewery in Santa Fe that was divided up into 3 live work units. We have done our best to make it liveable and loveable ha ha! We are very happy here, it's kinda like a covid bunker, no one can come in and we have everything we need, so I don't have to leave. Josh does, he goes to work full time, and is enjoying new adventures. K2 is turning plumbing into art and is in great demand to design more showers and bathtubs around Santa Fe. We are all very happy to be together in the same town again!

It has been my decision to make the best products ever, brimming with fantastic quality ingredients and plenty to give you the best bath experience ever. Our journey may have been rocky, but the soap just keeps getting better!

Blessings to you in 2021 ~ Stay safe ~ 

We are getting closer to a better tomorrow.

Much Love, Michelle