Deer Lady

Watching Reservation Dogs on FX ~ I was reminded of the Native American legend of Deer Lady. She is a Woman who has hooves and she's beautiful and blesses good men with fertility and love. The bad men she seduces and dishes their justice...sometimes they never come back from the forest. My Son was telling me that these guys were talking about they were at a Powwow and someone said Deer Woman had showed up, and he had scratches on his face. The Men folk got scared and started making posse's looking for her, the medicine men were burning sage and praying, the posse's could not find her, they told everyone to go to their tents and hide. He said, You know who Deer Lady is, don't you? She stays in her own lane unless you are a bad man... and then you are in trouble! and laughed. They all looked uncomfortable and said they didn't know that. lol (or did they?)

A Deer Lady who is a Native American WOMAN Super Hero who saves and protects Women?!? I LOVE HER ~ I know a few Aunties who are probably more dangerous than her if one of their own were harmed.  I became obsessed. What if Deer Lady were to be watching and caring over the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Children? MMIWC What if she was at the US Indian Schools protecting the children and scaring the church connected to the torture of children in Indian Schools? What if she still walks the earth ridding the earth of bad men? or at the very least, scaring them straight. What if there is a little Deer Lady in each of us Women, who walks alert and aware and protects our sisters from predators? I LIKE HER!

So, I made a label ~ I matched it with Bourbon and Butterscotch and this is our MMIW and Indian School awareness bar. 


We are honoring the missing and murdered ~ from present day and all who went before them. 

To Read more: The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman movement of the US

The BIA Information lead by Deb Haaland, Secretary of Interior on US Indian Schools,the%20traumas%20of%20the%20past.

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I love the label and I just started to learn about deer lady watching Rez dogs.
Thank you , love and hugs sent your way.


I have been obsessed with the Deer Woman legend since I was in the 5th grade. I love this so much ❤


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