Patchouli Heaven February 25 2016, 23 Comments

I was just standing in our locally owned natural food store looking at lotions. I just wanted something that would make me feel good. Isn't that the reason Nature's Emporium Soap Co. is so popular? We just want something to make us feel good, and it is usually brought on by a really good smell. I admit it. I search the world for a lotions and soaps that please my senses as well as what I make. lol  I realized there was not ONE bottle of lotion with patchouli in it. I smiled and thought about the locals and how they hate patchouli so much they won't even sell it. It's an amazing oil that brings euphoria and grounding, takes away the depression and enriches the soul. (Unless you are were in Taos in the 60s) We are very popular with the Taos residents who love patchouli, because our shop is the only place in town one can find the amazing essential oil.

Taos became hippy heaven after Woodstock in 1969. Word spread fast that Taos was friendly, spiritual, loving, beautiful and the SPOT for all kind humans. Thousands of hippies appeared out of nowhere. They started communes, hung out on street corners, some were dressed, some were not, some were spiritual, some were tripping on psychodelics, some were farmers and were taught by the Taos Pueblo how to survive. As the community was not impressed with the abundance of hippies, who all. wore. patchouli.

Dennis Hopper fell in love with Taos while filming Easy Rider and made it his home. I believe this is a photo of him the night he was tripping on acid and thought a tree in our town plaza was a bear and started shooting at it.

Even Janis found her a little love in Taos by siding up beside a mountain man hippy for a day. I love Janis Joplin. Oh, how she could sing the emotions we carry in the bottom of our souls!

So, upon moving to Taos and me being so in love with Patchouli oil, I was sure our company was going to be wildly popular. We make the best Patchouli soap and lotion, and always carry the dark thick Indonesian Patchouli. We blend it with Sandalwood, Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lime, Honey, Orange, Spearmint, Jasmine...If there is a way you can blend Patchouli. I have mastered it. lol A local would walk in and I would proudly share my Organic Patchouli and they would wence...some would just run out the door. Betwixt and Between I began to hear the stories as to why these locals with 500 year old roots absolutely hated the smell. 

I am still a huge lover of Patchouli as it is my favorite and most sacred oil!
I love it so much I dedicated a whole page to it...  called, The Hippys
Some of the Hippies survived and are still walking around Taos with big smiles and happiness. They contribute and give back and teach kindness, peace & love. I love the culture so much I claim to be half Cherokee - half Hippy.
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Just imagine if I would have been making soap in Taos in the 60s and 70s how I may have changed the world. For  people would have been clean. They wouldn't have used Patchouli to cover up their stench... who knows it may have become the favorite oil of the locals?? 

One time we were standing in a Florida beach hotel on Thanksgiving after delivering 600 bars of soap. I felt sorry for the boys spending Thanksgiving in a hotel. So I asked for their best room. She gave it to me for $300 (Score) and K2 smiled at the clerk and proudly exclaimed. "That's right, we're hippies with CASH!" ha ha
That's just my thoughts this morning. Thank you for allowing me to share <3 I came back to the shop and made my own lotion by the way. Patchouli Coconut. lol
Peace, Love & Happiness ~
Michelle Cloud Lewis