Winter is HERE!! January 23 2016, 0 Comments

Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co. is already in full blown soap, candle & lotion making fury and it's the first month of the year! We usually prepare ourselves for the slow down of the Winter, but not this year ~ and we are grateful for that!  As I right this, I imagine the east coast is as slow as it can get with it's turn on Blizzard 2016. I hope everyone is okay and it's just a good weekend of Netflix and Hot Cocoa!

I had an old friend walk in with these fabulous handcrafted cotton wash cloths the other day. They were so pretty and I'm nuts about these things. I immediately went to creating something special for our customers. I thought we would sell a few... We have sold a ton! and everyone who walks into the shop buys the Cherokee Soap & Cloth combo! I am always so happy with life comes together to make everyone happy! Those cloths Grandma used to make are excellent exfoliation and they feel so luxurious! Who knew!? Wonderful for dry Winter skin when combined with our soaps!

Click here to view on our website ~~~~~> Cherokee Soap & Cloth Combos

K2 is mixing adobe in Santa Fe and learning about life ~ Josh is a Sr. at Vista Grande HS and has just used his money from working here to purchase studio time at Taos Clay. So he is on his way to being a great potter. We will let you know when items are available for purchase! 

Our hopes & dreams for 2016 is good health, good wealth and peace of mind for all ~ we hope our products help keep you happy and calm through this insane election year. Is it here already? lol Here we go!

Thank you for your support ~ I thought I should make a shout out and let ya all know how much I truly appreciate your business and friendship!

Only one more thought...


(and that's your discount code TAKEABATH!)

May it be a good one ~

Much Love & Soap,