Summer August 01 2015, 4 Comments

 Nature's Emporium Soap 

Taos, New Mexico

What a Summer, huh!?
Civil unrest, a lot of people were tested, Taos was blessed with more rain than ever. Joshua rose to the top at the soap company and has just been my amazing right side, K2 started mixing adobe for a company in Santa Fe, he loves his job because it is just like making soap! We have discussed, wouldn't it be cool if he could scent adobe?? Our sales have been through the roof ~ I thank you for loving our soaps!
My good Sister friend, Kaiiba Mountain came in today. She had the longest Summer with a back injury. She is walking tall and smiling again...we look forward to new labels by this beautiful artist. She is the one who designed the Margarita cover for Margarita Soap
The best seller for the Summer was One Sweet Hippy Soap! All natural with Patchouli, Orange & Spearmint oils this colorful soap is juat a good mood in a shower!
The big rains brought big mosquitos. Camper Soap has always been popular with the outdoors people, but the Taoseno's discovered Camper Lotion. I have made gallons..gratefully. Doing our part to keep Taos bug free ha. This soap has also been tested in the UP. It works there too! Slather up and enjoy fishing!
I hope you had a chance to go camping, or go to a powwow, or a road trip of some kind this Summer. I wish you blessings and a good time this last few weeks!  We appreciate everyone who came to see us and came to Taos to buy Nature's Emporium Soap! I know I talk too much but I sure do get happy when people fly all the way across country just to buy our soaps!
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