January ~ Do you love January??

Ahhhh, good old January, start, stop, start, stop.....the dance between turtle & bear medicine....slow and sleepy...lol

Am I the only person who goes flying into the new year with hope and motivation to be AMAZING, only to be met with the reminder of, "Oh yeah, it's January...I'll just sit here and watch it snow" ? Our suppliers took time off, the kids were out of school, then come the snow storms, oh oh oh, the snow storms, and then out comes the sun...I AM SO MOTIVATED!! Another snow storm...Oh, we have Martin Luther King, Jr. day ~ and I always close to celebrate the life of our great civil rights leader, with pride...oh, another snow storm, oh, school is closing early, oh my Indin truck has bald back tires more than an inch is a detriment to my driving, oh it's a 2 hour delay...WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON'T HAVE ANY WATER!?! Grooooaaaan, the pipes froze...lol...I feel like I have done nothing but slide through January accomplishing little! I had to have done something, the lights are still on!

I did have the privilege of meeting the most adorable hippy couple, one evening in our shop! They were in their early 20s, had bought a giant bus and were making their way across the country to seek adventure. I loved them, I envied them, I gave them soap, told them how to find the hot springs that were in the movie Easy Rider, bid them good bye and wished them luck on their future. They both had degrees, I reminded them that while the life of being free has it's romance and fantasy, being poor isn't that fun...seek balance. lol I have so many people I hardly know who call me, MOM. It's an illness, I have. ha ha 

Our greatest news coming into the new year is the fact that Taos News did a wonderful story about our company ~ I am so very pleased with the very sweet article that Theresa wrote about us! You can read it here, if you would like!  Article about Nature's Emporium Soap Co. & CherokeeSoap.com

I have been developing new products for 2015 ~ Cocoa Flower and Vetiver Vanilla are in the works ~ This takes a lot of smelling and development ~ I am such a nosey gal ~ once the fragrance is developed, it then has to pass several tests, do I cold process it? hot process? will it hold up in candles? How does it feel on my skin? Each new product costs me about $500...lol ~ It may be a little while...I am thinking of making some detox soaps ~ Charcoal soap is great for pulling impurities out of the skin ~ Matcha Green Tea could do nothing but good for the skin...should I combine them? Hrmmm

The favorite soap of January was The Cold Bar ~ Eucalyptus, Mint, Tea Tree, Rosemary...I think a lot of people couldn't breathe, I hope it helped.

My New Years resolution is always the same, to just do better than I did the year before ~ we are put on this Earth to learn, that's all we can do is learn some more, love some more, laugh some more & cook better...lol

I wish you all a wonderful day, tolerance for snow and cold, to feel loved & respected, motivation to reach for your dreams and clear thoughts to do it with. I feel like 2015 is going to be a REALLY good year ~ Thank you for making our 2014 so grand!


There ya go, Bob ~ I updated my blog so you aren't still reading about Christmas. SMILES!

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Man. The B. I’m so glad you see you must make peace with this. It’s such a small blip in the grand scheme of all that you have ampiccloshed this last semester alone, not even considering what you’ve managed since you first enrolled. Which sometimes to me seems like yesterday and sometimes seems like FOREVER ago! I wonder if you feel the same.The planning with Mark sounds really exciting to me. You’re like a big yellow MERGE sign on the highway entrance! Zoom on, Friend! Oh, and you really should consider letting yourself off the hook for New Years Day. Love y!!


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