Tough Days and Water

It's been a rough week ~ that Super Moon brought up a lot of feelings in everyone, I believe.

As I was taking a shower this morning ~ I was grateful not to just get clean, but to use water to wash away the day, wash away bad feelings, etc. I just let it all go down the drain.  I was thinking about the Cherokee and use of water for ceremony...and wondering if my friends knew the importance of water in cleansing the spirit and soul as well as cleansing our bodies, when one is Cherokee. I wondered if you knew I was drawn to making soap because it is one way to help people feel better and cleanse the day away....

We have been taught many rituals, usually involving the river. It is said, if you kneel at the river and splash water over your left shoulder 7 can get the proverbial monkey off your back.  I have seen others stand in the river and bring big arm fulls of water up and over their head 4 times when praying. (4 directions - Cherokee generally use 7 directions. North, East, South, West, Above, Below and Within) Many times if Cherokee used a family sweat lodge, they built it by the river so that they may emerge themselves directly in the river as to be clean.

"The Cherokees looked to the guiding and protective spirits of the Upper World to help keep balance and harmony on the Earth. They also maintained order on the Earth by participating in daily prayers, rituals, and seasonal ceremonies.

One ritual, called “going to water,” was performed on many occasions — at the new moon, before special dances, after bad dreams, or during illnesses. Going to water cleansed the spirit as well as the body. The ritual was performed at sunrise. Cherokee men, women, and children would face the east, step into a river or creek, and dip under the water seven times. When they emerged, they would be rid of bad feelings and ready to begin anew, with a clear mind."

So, I'm blabbering to say ~ one tiny but powerful thing one can do to feel better on a bad day is to use water, to rinse all those bad feelings down the drain ~ and a good bath or shower (and a great bar of soap) is just what the doctor ordered. If it makes you feel Cherokee to do that, I think that's great! 

When you see me scream TAKE A BATH! Know I mean it in more than a few ways ~ I just would like us all to feel good, I really don't care if you stink or not. lol


Have a peaceful and wonderful day ~ and please, TAKE A BATH!



Michelle Lewis

Soap Maker

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I laughed out loud when I read your Mountain Beaver Saga. He even has the same nikcmane as my husband! Good luck with your raspberries and keep blogging. I enjoy reading all your topics!


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