Shop owners ~ You can put your discount code word into our discount code box on our check out page.  You do not have to have an account in order for this to work, HOWEVER, if you would like to have your information saved. Please create an account.(upper right hand corner) and when you get your confirmation email, simply login (upper right hand corner) and order.  If you do not know the Discount Code for Wholesale...please feel free to give me a call at our shop! 575-758-1157 After you have placed everything in your cart, as you are checking out, the website will have a space to enter your discount code. Enter it there and your discount will show on your total.  I love you. lol
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Your soaps look great. Interested in setting up a wholesale account for soaps and other products. We are Random Catch – a small boutique vintage store in Apalachicola in the panhandle of Florida. our website is www.shoprandomcatch.com

Kind regards,

Brenda Eliott, Owner

Brenda Elliott

Hi, I made an appointment to see your products this morning.
I thought you were in El Prado, near the clay shop and tinworks.
I don’t know where you are.
Please let me know.

Elizabeth Halley

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