April Showers April 13 2016, 3 Comments

April showers bring May flowers in Taos, NM!

My Mom always had these great sayings along the way... and April showers bring May flowers is one that rings through my head this time of year. She was right, after all.

Spring in Taos means dirt, blowing dirt, shooting pollen up your nose at 60 mph...lol. We get 40 drops of rain and we still manage to get flowers! 

I think of my Grandmas' Kansas flower garden ~ she never did a thing to it and it was like a big secret garden amidst lilacs and honeysuckle. One of my favorite places to hide and read.

Indiana Spring was always confusing ~ it would rain, hail, snow and show sun all in a few hours. It never seemed to get warm in the Spring. but along came June and it was a humid heat box guaranteed to make your skin glisten and be plump and beautiful! 

Most of my floral soaps were thought of in Spring...yearning for the lilacs, honeysuckle, roses, and geraniums. Excited for the euphoric feeling one gets when it appears everything is just a whole lot brighter and better. Sowing the seeds for the new cycle... working towards harvest.  The cycle of the day, the month, the season, the year, the life... so precious. I have harvest this year as Josh graduates from High School. My boys are all grown up. Josh plans to stay in Taos, study at UNM and throw pots next door ~ during his first year... I was thinking about them both being MEN and what will I do with my life. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE WHEN YOUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!?! Trust me I'll figure this out. Like everything else... lol

May your garden be full of bounty, your hands be rich with soil and may you have a good bar of soap near by after you are done!

Take A Bath ~ Plant something ~ Love one another ~ Do what makes you HAPPY