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Now, for those of you who wish to read more... here I ramble. lol

January in Taos. We were exhausted and sick from the holidays and the tourist flu, but we all kept working anyway ~ just slower, using creativity and meditation for our thoughts and hopes for the new year. Reflecting on what a tremendous year we had, as a company. We are so grateful for our customers and friends who give Me (Mom) therapy. Making soap is my therapy for those who don't know. I pray when I make it, I laugh, the boys talk shop and the latest you tube video, Maya runs in and does her magic and runs back out the door to go be Super Mom. We are truly a family business, who get up in the morning and wonder where the soap vehicle will take us today. lol

I spent most of January working on our private label accounts, but in the midst of the need to be creative... I made a Brown Sugar scrub that is just remarkable. It lasts many showers and baths. I suppose if you wanted a gentle exfoliation from head to toe you could use the whole jar at once...WHY? Some people think extra is more. I combined Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, and Frankincense for the fun of it. Sometime in December K2 and I were saying we had never combined patchouli and vanilla and were sniffing through the apothecary and figured it would be nice. But when I added the frankincense, it became a whole new indistinguishable fragrance. So, of course, we had to make a soap, lotion and candle with it. Every single person who has come into the shop has bought the Mystic Vanilla Bean in one form or another. It is just incredible. And this is the scent of the brown sugar scrub. Made with honey, brown sugar, olive oil and castille... it is luxurious and down to earth. And no I am not making 75 different Brown sugar scrub smells. lol BUT if you have a special request of one of our existing scents, write me a note. I'll do it :)

Josh has started back to his 2nd semester in college. He is really pushing his limits and doing an introductory clay course, while also doing an upper level study in clay. He cuts soap on his days off. It is fun to watch his journey through art. I continue to watch him blossom and find inspiration in art and finding his way to his own brand of therapy.

K2 ~ our triumphant warrior flew the coop and is in Indianapolis for the month. We left so many friends there, he is getting to enjoy each and every one of them. He works in Santa Fe at one of those fancy $10,000 rug stores on the plaza. They gave him the month off, so he is on a journey. K2 is a writer and always seeking inspiration to write the most epic screen play ever.  

Having kids is just fun. Isn't it? If ya do it right, it's an easy loving experience...being an artist, I am not very good at telling them to take the path everyone takes. Take the path that makes you happy. Live your life so you are proud of who you are. Who knew they would listen? lol

I also made Pinon infused soap. Truly natural, nothing but pinon soap and sap. Pinon is a great healer for infection, anti-bacterial, and there is no other smell like it. I love this one. It literally turns the bath water into milk. Pinon is the New Mexico state tree. It is sacred as it has provided for the animals and tribes of El Norte for a thousand years. Medicine... spiritual and physical.

I am being drawn to making traditional Native American inspired soaps. I have made an Osha soap, no scent. The Osha is also known as Bear Root. It is Bear medicine. Locals carry it on them to protect them from... (I haven't gotten that out of them yet) The Lakota consider the Bear root to be a sacred herb, used in traditional sweats. Bear medicine... It brings strength and protection. 

I have made a non traditional sage soap, infused with sage and sea salt. I have tried making the traditional sage soap, and well, it just smells like dog. lol This one is very light and also a beautiful medicine for protection from negativity or washing our own negativity off and down the drain.

Always, Cedar is the sacred herb of the Cherokee ~ we have made it for 20 years. So if you are a traditional Cherokee, we have you covered! Cedar Soap remains to be be one of our best sellers. Going to water and washing the spirit clean is the greatest tradition of all, in my humble opinion. :)

We are featuring Tera Muskrat on another label. Chocolate Rose! She showed me a painting of this beautiful woman, who had made cookies, was dressed all cute for someone, the wine was spilling off of the fridge and her dog was standing there laughing. That has pretty much described every Valentine's of my life. Maybe the rest of my readers have these amazing valentines days, mine is usually me. the dogs. chocolate.... sometimes I call Maya and we go out to say we did something. One year a guy dressed like Michael Jackson wouldn't stop talking to her. We were entertained. That's what we went out for. We also turned into 13 year old girls dodging him wherever we went giggling. So, grab your BFF a bar of Chocolate Rose and you two can giggle about how weird men are and share Nachos and it will truly be a fabulous Valentine's lol

Have I talked to much? I usually do.

Boy, Is America in a huge shift. So, in this email I have shared my survival skills on tough times. 

Take A Bath ~ Use Protection medicine ~ Love your family & friends and eat the chocolate.

Blessings and Love to you ~ Michelle

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