Manby's Mineral Salts for Detox

$ 9.00

Mr. Manby is known for scandal and debauchary in Taos. He would take tourists to his hot mineral springs by stage coach on a white knuckle ride for detox. Strangely, he never did get his resort built and eventually he lost his head.

Made with Pacific Sea Salt, Kelp Powder, French Lavender Essential Oil,Rosemary Essential Oil, Matcha Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Juice

Use 2 Spoonfuls into running bath water to detox, relief aches & pains and feel all your worries soak away.

Spoons included with purchase of 11 oz jar and One pound refill Taos, NM

To learn more about Arthur Manby and his missing head Manby Hot Springs Taos, NM