Mabel's Peyote Milk Bath Cure

$ 9.00

Mabel Dodge, a New York City socialite turned to Taos at the turn of the 20th century and fell for a Pueblo man. He shared his medicine, she indulged and she became transformed and revitalized. Now our Peyote Milk Bath Cure doesn't REALLY have Peyote in it...but we did infuse it with green tea!

Made with Pacific Sea Salt, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Matcha Green Tea Extract, Fragrance, Coconut Milk , Corn Starch, Milk Protein Powder, Honey Powder, Ginseng Powder.

Sprinkle a spoonful of Mabel's milk into a running bath for a clean soothing soak. Pour in two spoonfuls when it's just been one of those days and you need deep therapy!

(Spoon included with jar or refill purchase)

Eleven Ounces Taos, NM

To learn about the history of Mabel Dodge Lujan and her Taos history: