Wind Warrior

$ 12.00

Most importantly, the artwork is by my Brother, Greg Avery Cloud ~ I am so excited to be able to do this project with my Brother! is his email address, if you should want to talk to him about more art

Handcrafted with saponified Olive, Palm, Coconut, Sweet Hemp & Castor Oils. Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter.
Oils of Hickory & Suede. Red Clay

Nunnehi (nun-nay-hee; “travelers”): these creatures take the form of friendly spirits. They are known to be especially sympathetic to the Cherokee people. Nunnehi are very strong, and historically interceded in battles on the Cherokees' behalf. Like Yunwi Tsunsdi, Nunnehi are usually invisible but sometimes show themselves to humans in the form of regal warriors. Their name is pronounced similar to nun-nay-hee. We know they are there as they come in from an Eastern Wind.

I overheard this story, while listening to an elder named Walker Calhoun talk with others. When I pray, I turn to the East and wait for them to assist.

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