The Cherokee Alchemist Monthly Gift

A monthly soap box of awesome gifts delivered to your door ~ This soap box is worth standing on and shouting your praises to the world! Our products ship from our shop in Taos, New Mexico to your home  full of luxurious bubbles, warm scents, bath salts, lip balms, trinkets and love.

I had a friend call up one day and tell me she was just having a really bad day... "Charge me $50 and send me a box that makes me feel better."  I sent her a deluxe box of bath salts, sage for smudge, soap, candles & lip balm. She felt the love and wanted one every month of my making ~ and this is where I started wondering if others would love a monthly box of soaps and sundries... I asked around and sure enough... it's the new big joy in America!

We are now offering this special gift to all of our customers! Gift yourself or gift others with a monthly subscription exclusively from Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Company today!

Here's how it works! 

Choose your soap box ( Each box will be different and unique) Put a note in the comments section as to your favorite scents, if the subscription is for male/female or both ~ We want these gift boxes to truly be a special individualized gift for you! Every box is full of a variety of our products!

Choose your subscription (shipping included)

We ship it to you on the 10th of every month, when it arrives,you scream with joy, open the box ~ run to the bathroom, start the water to the perfect temperature and envelope yourself in the intoxicating fragrances of Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Company!