Bad Ass Yoga Soap

$ 9.00

We have been trying to get fit at Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co. (giggle, we do) and we started going to HOT YOGA! Ya sweat, sometimes we break out!  We needed a fix fast! Bee Propolis & Hemp added to our sweet recipe along with Tea Tree (Antiseptic), Patchouli (India) & Eucalyptus (Breath) were added to make this truly one bad ass yoga soap. Scuse the pun.

Our version of African Black Soap made with Olive, Soy, Coconut, Sweet Hemp & Castor Oils. Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter. Charcoal, Bee Propolis, Plantain extract, Cocoa Nibs & Proprietary Bad Ass Blend of essential oils.


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