Oracle & Tarot Cards


Have you ever just wished you could get an answer about a really pressing issue?

That is how I first started reading oracle and tarot cards, 20 years ago. A friend had a basketful of them and I asked what they were, while looking at the pretty pictures. She said, "Ask a question, pull a card, see if it resonates!" So, I did.

I wonder what my first question was? ha ha

I have had times when I pulled a card 20 times a day and other times that I go months without needing to consult with the spirits who guide me through cards. 

The cards normally have art that I enjoy so much and uplifting thoughts, it's something I like to collect. If I sell these, I will buy more on the regular. 

These cards in no way have anything to do with Cherokee tradition or culture. Just so y'all don't think I've gone Shaman or something lol