Cherokee Medicine Shower Salts

$ 12.00

The Cherokee of Taos, while few and far between, okay... I might be the only one. ha!..but these salts are still a great medicine! Shake the Lavender Sea salt into your hand and use as an exfoliant while in the shower, or give your feet a special treat, I even sprinkled some on a bar of soap and used it to envigorate the incredible spa experience in the shower!  I have always wished I had a way to have a salt in the shower ~ we LOVE this product!


Take A Bath - Shake a little luxurious salt into a your bath. Relax & soak. Mineral Spa experience - Shake on your Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap for a unique salt scrub. Fast Shower Spa - Sprinkle onto wet skin and massage gently to exfoliate. Smooth your Feet ~ Pour into warm foot bath and rub until your feet tingle and then sit back and relax!
Made with Pacific Sea Salt, French Lavender Essential Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E, & Aloe Vera Juice

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