Old Taos Mineral Salt Collection

Taos, New Mexico ~ Some say it's STILL the Wild West...it just depends on which character you run into on some corner or alley and which wild stories fall from their lips about our very complex history. Hysterical, I mean, Historical Taos is fun to hear about, see and tell your own tales about. So, we invite you to sit back under a cottonwood tree and wonder who planted it. Did they lose their head? Who was their lover? Were they a legend or just a legend in their own mind? Who killed the Governor? Why did Dennis Hopper go to jail in Taos? Where was the Red Light district? Why are there tunnels? Why was there a hippy invasion? Who is Zorro? What is the Cherokee soap lady's story?? Whatever the case, we at Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co. have had an absolute fun tongue in cheek play with Taos, New Mexico and it's history! We still have rich characters of intrigue, gossip and double takes walking down every street, every minute of the day!

These mineral rich & essential oil laden bath salts & milks that are made with full devotion to Taos hysteria are not only awesome entertainment, but they are made with the finest organic, high quality ingredients we could find. Taos is rich with mineral springs and baths. There is one mineral spring that touts it's lithium bath??...TRUE story! No worries, that place is on the other side of the Rio Grande River. Each product is as luxurious and nostalgic as the packaging. Sit back, light a cigar, TAKE A BATH and enjoy the hysteria, I mean, HISTORY of our Northern New Mexico village!