George Jennings Bear Medicine Soap

$ 9.00

George Jennings inspires me. Taos artist extraordinaire. I love every piece he creates. I am privileged to have him in our artist catalog!

Bear Root ~ Osha Root a root whose usage was taught to the human beings from the bears themselves. Sounds like a myth? Well the Navajo legend states that the tribes of Rocky Mountain learned how to use this herb from the brown bears. This antiseptic soap is Handcrafted with Saponified oils of Soy, Olive, Coconut, Castor, Hemp with Shea & Cocoa Butters ~ Osha Bear Root.


Nearly every Indian tribe in North America uses a species of Ligusticum, medicinally, ritually or symbolically.  Osha is a plant associated with good luck  and protection.  It is revered by all traditional healers and medicine people living in the Southwest for its broadly effective and powerful healing abilities.

Lotion & Candle available scented with mint. This art is so beautiful, customers have wanted a matching candle & lotion ~ but Osha does not have a smell when infused into oils. 

However. A slice of Osha Root will be included in each order when available.

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