Love Yourself Thigh Highs & Apparel

$ 40.00

The beautiful Santana Strange has been up in the Mountains all Winter long creating the greatest thigh highs ever. Tye dyed, wild, WARM, high quality and they stay up! I sleep in mine, or perfect for when I first wake up in the morning and it's cold, or throw them on with a mini skirt or long skirt, and strut your stuff!!

I put 4 pair up on my website ~ If you would like to see more of her wonderful makings, Please check out her website!

A pair of fuchsia geode style tie dyed thigh highs. Bold and bright toned Gus chia with some lighter pink and off whites making the geode pattern.

A pair of hand dyed thigh highs socks in striped style. Tropical teal and grayish blue tones separated by off white, makes one think of tropical ocean waters.

A pair of green tie dyed thigh highs with forest, avocado, bright, and emerald greens separated by off whites making the geode pattern.

A pair of tie dyed thigh highs in a rainbow plethora. Yellows, orange, red, fuchsia, green, blue and purple separated by off white forming the geode pattern.