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The Holidaze is here! November 14 2016, 3 Comments

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I have had a hard time blogging through these elections! A wise one explained I should never discuss politics as it would hurt my business. lol  I'm not wise. I'm a Woman, a Mother, I am Native American, I have best of friends and family from every race there is. My boys are half Black... and I love the gays! I love love love and I have a dream of a President who loves the world as much as I do. Some of my friends call me a flaming Liberal. ha! and most of the friends who call me that are the most conservative Republicans I know, and they giggle while they say that and hug me... I have a really good life! and boy do I love to vote but this year was the wildest ride I've ever seen.

I just keep praying and supporting Standing Rock. Please call Barrack Obama and ask him to stop the pipeline from going through sacred land to the Standing Rock Sioux. Also tell him you would appreciate clean water going through your land as it is sacred too! We are donating weekly to Standing Rock ~ Thank you for supporting our cause!

Our Feliz Navidad is flying off the shelf, we have made over 200 products in the past 2 weeks. It is a rich Vanilla Bean with a twist of Navidad. The scent makes me feel good, and it must be the feel good scent for many.  

I'm not gonna lie, I get excited to take a shower this time of year just because of Cookies For Santa... that stuff turns me into a big ol happy kid again!


Our Iced Pine candles are so delicious! I am burning one now, I don't think I'm going to need a Christmas Tree... it smells so real, we may just put our gifts around a candle! lol No but really, it's good!

I have great hope for all people ~ I pray for a holiday season that inspires us to love and forgive one another and to have the realization that it's not anything that makes this world go round but living a life of integrity, love, prayer and supporting one another. and WATER IS LIFE! It is the season for miracles ~ I believe we can still get them ~ So, make bridges and extend your hand to all people. Let's make America great for the first time, it's up to us, the majority. and please, if you see a bully, speak up, find your voice, stop them in their tracks, let's PROTECT and SUPPORT one another. Surely, we have evolved enough to at the very least do that. Right? 

Our slogan is TAKE A BATH ~ we believe that is the most healing ceremony one can do for themselves and the world. The Cherokee go to water to cleanse their body & souls. To wash away the day and negativity to go about the day in a new body and mind. Take a shower, dance in the rain, wash all those horrible feelings down the drain... and LIVE!

We truly appreciate you ~ I feel so connected to so many of you and think of you as good friends. I am so thrilled with the exchanges we get to have between one another and yes, many of you have become my very good friend whom I have the privilege of knowing and being your personal soap maker. 

One more thing! K2 and Josh took this year to work on their creativity. So, in exchange, K2 has to make a whole lot of soap and Josh has to cut a whole lot of soap, but we are all very happy. You are noticing our old style soap that takes a football player to make is popping up more and more! That's because stirring a 5 gallon bucket full of soap is like making cake for K2... lol. We love his soap and are thrilled to have him dancing around the soap pot again a few days a week. (So is my arthritis.. lol) Maya and Kalia stroll through the shop to help daily, still. and our very good friend/intern Maddy is hands on deck also. We all rejoice when you help us pay our rent! lol and THANK YOU FOR THAT! SO MUCH LOVE!

May your Holidays be full of appreciation for that which is important, may you have the blessings of family, friends and love... and don't forget to set your scales back 10 lbs!

With sincerity and love,

Your Cherokee soap makers

I am fascinated by Cuba... August 08 2016, 14 Comments

I'm 52, either I am too young to know I should fear Cuba or wasn't paying attention, but ever since Miami Vice came on TV, I became fascinated with Cuban culture. The fact that they got stuck in America's fun 50's with their cars, clothes, colors, design.... and well, I just kind of became in a romantic space with Joan Wilder the writer on Romancing The Stone. I could write a whole romance novel on what I think Cuba is like, it's probably wrong, because I'm just a Cherokee Woman living on a remote mountain in the middle of no where. lol Do you see how old I am? That just threw some people into a whole huge smile of 90s pop culture in America, while the hipsters are sitting there wondering what the HECK I"m talking about now. lol

 I was sent a fabulous fragrance, and it's unisex and strong. Sweet and sassy. It is called Carmel Tobacco.  I was sniffing it one day and it was around the time where we were now able to travel to Cuba and enjoy it's colorful culture, Havanna was all over the news and magazines.  I said, "Oooooooh, this must be what Cuba smells like. Sweet Carmel & Cigars...."  Of course everyone laughed at me, you know, because everybody who works at Nature's Emporium is 20 years younger than I am. lol  I have thought about it and thought about it, and finally made it. OH MY... My inner Joan Wilder wanted to jump on speed boat in Key West and fly with the sea mist hitting my face and making me glow like a tan thin model wearing a red ruffly dress with danger on my lipstick...  oh. see there I go again. 

So, Here it is! La Aroma De Cuba!! The Women like it but yes, the men like it too..


and also, I speak the worst spanish with my Kansas accent you will ever hear, but La Aroma De Cuba rolls off my tongue and I snap my casinettes in between my thumbs and fingers like I can actually speak a little spanish and I might be a size 10 who could pull off a pencil skirt cut up to my thigh! and stilettos. and red lip stick.... WHAT!? I have a RICH imagination! 

So Viva Las Vegas, Let's all go to Cuba ~ If only when we close our eyes in the shower!

Every order shipped this week got a free sample and it is the fragrance of the month for all of the Cherokee Alchemist Subscription Gift Boxes

Thank you for loving our soaps and putting up with my silly imagination as we continue down this road of apothecary lead by the Cherokee Princess, I mean Queen... okay, Woman. lol

Your coupon code for August. CUBA

Love you guys!

The Change of Life June 15 2016, 1 Comment

Did I make you read the blog? ha!

We have had a wild last month. Joshua graduated and is studying pottery ~ K2 is spreading his entrepreneurial wings and Mama got a brand new store!

Can ya believe we got em raised? After all it takes a village...

Here are some new soap shop photos ~ 36 State Hwy 522 North of Taos

We think it's going to add to anyone's Taos, New Mexico vacation... the locals love it, we have been christening it nightly! 5 o Clock seems to have locals coming in just to talk about their day...  Ah... Taos!

Anyway ~ I thought I'd share. We have 3 times the space and here we are up and ready to roll. I better get to making soaps, lotions and candles ~ oh my 

Thank you & Gratitude Always,

Michelle Mama Bear Lewis