Mama April 27 2017, 1 Comment

It's the most precious time of the year ~ Mother's Day. Remembering our Moms, Our blessings, being a Mom, trying to be a better Mom... Loving Mom... so tender and special. 
I accidentally realized how great our products are at a stop light the other day. My Mom has Alzheimer's Disease and has for the past 10 years. She has ups and downs, but I like to say I get my strong constitution from my Mama. She is a mighty one who does not give up, she may forget, but she still is made of strength and smiles no matter what. So, I take her flowers and hope she remembers me ~ and she tells the people around us "That's not Michelle" lol. But I am so glad I can still hug her and help her and I get brief memories. I take her to the Sonic drive in and she remembers Cherry Limeades and fried dill pickles and puckers her lips and says, "How can you stand those things!?"and eats another, as she has since I was 5. If I can't remember what I'm doing or forget something, both boys say, "No Mom, you never have been able to remember anything, you are fine. lol"  I was a little sad that day, nervous breakdown face in my rear view mirror.. I looked in my purse and there was a little bottle of Coconut Grove Lotion. I put some in my hand and started smearing it on my face and on my hands... and right then and there, happiness. Our olfactory is so important. Smells of happy times can turn around the day ~ it can work in the reverse too, this only works if you like the smell...  But I highly suggest keeping a travel lotion with you at all times. I'll make sure to add one to each order between now and Mother's Day, okay? 
Being a Mom... My Mom loved me and she was a wild spirit and taught me all her ways in making it through this insane world. I have passed all the secrets to my wonderful Sons. My Sons. I know God truly loves me for these Sons I was gifted. They are truly the greatest blessing of my life. I cannot imagine what I have done to be truly admired and loved by two people in this world, like K2 and Joshua. I see other people struggle as parents and I make sure to thank Creator for giving me these spectacular humans who teach me more than I have ever taught them. The circle of life is real, magical and worth all the struggles isn't it?
I offer empathy, sympathy and love to all of those reading this who do not feel joy during Mother's Day, but feel loss and sadness... some Mom's just never figure out how to love... some kids never figure out how to love... sometimes life is so hard, someone flips out and forgets everything. I wish you peace, I wish you a friend who offers more love than family could ever give. I wish you understanding and warmth.
This is really too heavy for a blog about a soap company. But if you have dealt with me, you know I'm a weirdo and I just do not have a filter and I speak from the heart and this crazy mind of mine. You know I have prayers that are woven within the soap and products that are hopefully sending comfort and prayers and love to whoever uses it. It's my crazy way of making ripples in the water. 
Man, this is just a bummer blog huh? ha ha
So slap on some Coconut Grove Lotion and pretend you are on the beach... feel the sunshine and rock on. Maya just walked in, I lost my train of thought, I don't even remember where I was going with this. A candle for hope, Lotion for remembering good times and Soap to wash what we do not need down the drain... We may smell good, but we hope our hearts are just as good as our smell... lol.
Should I even post this???
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Blessings to you and yours... Michelle