Autumn is here! September 15 2017, 21 Comments

It may be warm where you are at, but Autumn is in Taos. The color is beautiful and we are loving our green chile soups and wearing sweatshirts at night, not wanting to close the windows yet. and the LIGHT... Autumn light is so beautiful. I always call it Sepia Tone skies. 

I have been burning every pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla smelling candle I can to enjoy the scents of Autumn. I was making Karmalicious lotion yesterday and walked away from the shop smelling like a candied apple, pumpkin, caramel 

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You don't know what to think about the Fry Bread products, do ya? Let me tell you, this is the most perfect blend of Bread and Cinnamon. When I wear the lotion, everyone pauses as I walk through the room... Remember that movie where John Travolta was an Angel and smelled like cookies? Fry Bread... that's where it's at, and I'm not lieing! lol

May your Autumn be full of abundance and rich with Love. 

We are all related

Blessings to you,

Michelle Lewis