The Tidal Wave of the's

I have really been struggling finding time to spend an entire day on creating the Christmas/Holiday line ready ~ it includes, making it, liking it, redesigning the labels, taking photos, write oh so witty and loving copy, uploading the photos, making the photos look "happy", uploading them to the website, and while it is still Autumn outside, looking desperately for the Christmas Spirit to put the energy into this that you all deserve...and then my Mom called. lol  

My beautiful Mom, 85 years old and as physically active as it gets ~ and can't remember my name...but she still remembers she loves me....gets on the phone today ~ and I say, "I'm trying to find the Christmas Spirit to make my Christmas line...I'm making Cookies For Santa, Candy Cane Soap, Frankincense (Gift Of The Magi) and I dunno what else..." She is humming while I'm talking, (trust me people, this nut doesn't fall far from the tree!) and I said, "What are you humming?"  Mom says, "Christmas songs! You were talking about Christmas!" (lol) ~ I said, "So ya wanna sing?" She says, "Sure!"  <we sing> Chestnuts roasting on the open fire, Jack Frost snipping at your nose, although it's been said many times, many maize......<this is where Daddy is listening on the other line and pipes up "Neither of you are singing the right words!"> We laugh and talk about our Christmas plans.... 


Okay ~ I have what K2 calls the "Christmas Burst" and he makes a EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! sound


and then who calls? K2 ~ I am telling him about my day and what I'm doing and he says, "Are you going to finally make the tribute bar to our favorite Christmas Story? ~ Use the photo of the Leg Lamp, Mom"  We laugh, discuss that we could make a soap with bebe's in it, or maybe we could make a soap that's called Fragile and make it French.... we laugh about Grandma and I singing <Josh pipes in, "Yep, it was bad" and they hem> and all the sudden, thinking of Christmas with my family and Sock It To Me cake and cookies, and turkey and cranberry and oranges and sweet sweet pecan......




So, keep an eye on The Seasons page, Folks ~ I hope the Christmas Burst is contagious and you get bitten early and feel the giddiness of the Holidays that is wrapped with Hot Cocoa and Pine smelling air...... and you find our inspiration to make these soap a true love for the season.

There is something fun about smelling like a Candy Cane, Cookies For Santa, Frankincense, A Christmas Soap (Pine Cinnamon & Cranberry) or Let it Snow ~ It kinda brings out the inner kid in all of us ~ and makes me feel young again ~ I hope it does the same for you.

Let's laugh all we can through this coming Season..... it's the best medicine, ya know!


Wishing Blessings & Love to you ~

Michelle, K2 & Joshua Lewis 



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Love this, Michelle….I hope to get back to Taos one day and meet you in person.
Peace, fellow Gemini.


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