It's that time.....

Well, for starters, Clary Sage essential oil went through the roof on price ~ so that's discontinued.  I'm pretty sure you are not going to pay triple for a bar of soap. lol  Essential oils are like stocks, they fluctuate in price all the time ~ I'll keep an eye out to buy it when it is not at such a high price!

The other thing is ~ the sky opened up today and a dear friend from Indiana is here to visit me for one day.  I didn't get my supplies today ~ so I am taking advantage of the shipping company being behind or lost or ?? and spending the day with him.  

I want to encourage you to take advantage of those days and play, be creative, laugh, dance and celebrate YOU! School is getting ready to start, Autumn chores are around the corner, oh...and then there are the holidays (We are working on that, keep your eye on The Seasons page of our website) and well, life just gets busier when it's starting to cool down.  If things go to lemons, know it is a big signal from the sky to take a day for your self!  Even if it is a hot bath, or going on a nice walk or sitting in the yard without a thought in your head...or making Lemonade.  Take that time ~ cuz here we go ~ running like idiots until the cold, dark days of January. (that's a whole 'nother story, huh!?)

So, my Friend just pulled up outside, we are going to walk around The Pueblo and eat some fry bread and have a good easy day!

Encourage your friends to take care of them SELF too!


The Soap Lady :)


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When our Ugandan son, Sam, lived with us here in Omaha for a couple years, he was fratursted at times. It was b/c here in the States it was harder to recognize Christians as opposed to the time in Uganda. Here, a Christian could act nearly the same as anyone else… watching ungodly movies, TV shows, playing questionable video games, etc. Over there, we always saw that Christians walked carefully to represent the Lord.Definitely a necessity for us to place in our lives… whether with family or friends.Good reminder.


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