Farmers Market June 07 2014, 6 Comments


If you have a farmers market near you, take the time to visit and look at the bounty, taste the bounty, smell the wonderful aroma of mints, coffee, homemade bread, jams, honey, fresh produce and community!  It is truly a gathering of a menagerie of everything that is good and fills the Soul.  You will then understand why we dedicated a whole section of our website to the farmers market!

Isn't Summer the best!?!?

Our first beginnings started at the Carmel Farmers Market in Indiana.  We made life long friends and still talk to them often. Today, I went to the Taos Farmers Market. This year our incredible mayor and council people made it a point to draw the community back to the plaza as things were originally in our village. What a blessing to have community! If you feel alone ~ this is a great place to meet your community and know how wonderful it is! Love! 


Enjoy your day ~ and make sure and Take A Bath ~ cuz you are going to see everyone you know there. ha ha!

May your day be bountiful and full of blessings!


Michelle Lewis

Owner, Soapmaker, Janitor, Web Director, Sales, Candlemaker, All around Loony Tune and Diva

 Nature's Emporium Soap Co. Farmers Market

Credit to Taos News and for the photos