How do I come up with names and fragrances?? Man! I dunno.......

One of the most asked questions we get is, "How do you come up with all these names and fragrances??"  Sometimes I am inspired by art, sometimes it is the fragrance, sometimes I think of a name and must make a soap to go with it ~ sometimes....something just hits me quirky and makes me laugh and other times, I laugh too hard and make M.R. Lewis Love Potions and Snake Oils ~ INSTANTANEOUS HEALING FOR ALL AFFLICTIONS!!.....and they say Snake oil salesman only existed in the 19th century.  Have you watched tv commercial or a pharmaceutical ad lately ~ we have evolved so far there is an INSTANTANEOUS CURE FOR ALL AFFLICTIONS! (not).


So, My first story ~ since I'm thinking about Father's Day coming up is the MAN! Soap ~ In 2000 I made soap and sold it out of Odell's Photography in Anderson, Indiana.  I had a lovely Sheriff who visited to pick up film and supplies every day and he would smell my soaps and say...."Man, these are nice....but I want something that smells like a MAN!" lol. Well.  I called my supplier and said, I need the strongest stinkiest man fragrance you can send me.  They did.  I wrote MAN really big on the label, so they would know which one belonged to them.  To this day, I think it could smell like lilac but because it says MAN! They know that is what they should smell like. The Sheriff still uses the MAN soap to this day, ordering it all the way from New Mexico, sent to Indiana.....I love him. What a MAN <3

I'll tell ya about the STUD soap some other day ~ I was going through a divorce and a little bitter when I made that one, it was tongue in cheek.......and then come to find out there are as many Men who truly believe they are a big ol' Stud, even more so than a Man. lol  

When one has a sense of humor like mine, there is an endless supply of things that make me laugh ~ I just put it all in


I love you ~ Have a fantastic weekend!


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