Take A Bath!!

Thank you for rolling with the changes with us! This website may not have all the prettiness, but it is easy to use, fast and has each label and soap featured individually!  Also, there is a drop down list on each page that allows you to order, Sundries.....you know, Lotions, candles, bath salts, etc! 

We are still working on adding Wholesale to this website. For now, just give us a call to place an order for your shop. (575)758-1157. Besides I miss talking to you! If you don't miss talking to me...lol....you are welcome to send me an email with your order at CherokeeSoap@aol.com

That's all I have to say about that for now.. Have a great day! and please....TAKE A BATH!  Not because you smell bad, but because I love to make soap and you are keeping me in a job ha!

I hope you truly enjoy our new site ~ 



Big Love ~ Michelle Lewis

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